The London Corporate Cleaning Service - Green Clean London

Green Clean – Environmental Systems

Often overlooked, our planet is already being contaminated by artificial substances and chemicals. Therefore, London Corporate Cleaning Services has made a commitment to reducing the use of chemicals which may harm the eco-system. When possible, we substitute products with alternatives that are proven to be less hazardous to the environment.

We aim to use micro-fibre cleaning cloths to eliminate the use of detergents and chemicals in as many areas as possible.

High pressure steaming equipment has proven to be quite effectual, eliminating the use of chemicals for certain tasks. The steam system also has the added benefit of sanitizing surfaces and well as cleaning them.

Tailored Environmental Cleaning Systems

At London Corporate Cleaning Services we offer you the benefit of many years of experience within varied commercial cleaning environments. This means we understand all the issues and operational considerations that you will encounter day-to-day. We are constantly developing cleaning programmes tailored to suit each client’s requirements. Our aim is to become the best provider of cleaning services and property maintenance. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our performance.