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About Us

London Corporate Cleaning Services is dedicated to flexibility with high service standards, environmentally safe products, sustainability commitment, London Living Wage renumeration and owner director led service team. All of our contracts have a dedicated Operations Manager who report daily to the Directors. Our management team also spot check and quality approve all clients’ premises. We ensure the provision of service is to our customers satisfaction by building long term and mutually beneficial service partnerships. Our staff are our primary asset, we strive to look after our team achieving long term employment exceeding our industry average’s and find that our team look after our client’s premises with the same care and respect.

Human Resources - Our Staff

The four key factors we adhere to are:

  • Selection with emphasis on aptitude and attitude
  • Retention of information
  • Placement of the employee
  • Quality training procedures

Training Policy

All new employees irrespective of experience are required to attend an induction and training programme detailing the following:

  • Safety
  • Chemicals and Usage
  • Hands-on involvement in basic skills
  • Machinery and Usage
  • All equipment monitored for optimum performance


The most common element behind failure is found in weak communication processes. London Corporate Cleaning Services make concise, consistence communication a top priority. Our procedures ensure that the flow of all information within our organisation reaches the correct individuals every time to guarantee the first-rate service standard we have achieved.

We encourage all of our clients to give us open and direct feedback on every aspect of our services. We seek to meet on a regular basis to discuss our service standards on how we are "delivering the promise". Only through honest criticism can we further improve or alter our services to suit an individuals needs.

Our clients are provided with a "Cleaners Logbook" which is used for reporting any minor issues that may arise. This direct form of communication has become a very effective system in detecting and rectifying problems immediately.

Our Service

Cleaning Services Inspection Reports

As part of our quality program, regular inspection reports are filled in by our supervisors which are then used to notify staff of areas that require immediate attention. Upon request, clients can also be issued with a copy of Inspection reports reviewed by our senior management on a weekly basis.

Standard of work is monitored through the regular review of inspection records, over a contracts life span.

Regular staff meetings are held to address issues and ensure that the requirements of every contract are reviewed frequently, to guarantee client satisfaction.

Health and Safety

London Corporate Cleaning Services is fully committed to the provision of the highest level of Health & Safety to its entire staff. This attitude is reflected in the procedures established and the manner in which we operate.

Our company aims to:

  • Provide and maintain safe cleaning equipment
  • Implement safe systems of work within the work place
  • Arrange and monitor the safe use, storage and transportation of all materials
  • Ensure that the "Health & Safety Handbooks" are at all premises
  • Provide employees and contractors with regular information, training and supervision to ensure their safety
  • Maintain information and all records relating to employees health and safety

The Provision and Maintenance of Health and Safety is the responsibility of all employees and management. London Corporate Cleaning Services have kept a firm stance on the importance behind the fact that it is up to every individual to accept responsibility for the health and well being of everyone in the Workplace.

Before the commencement of a contract, we ensure that risk assessments are made for each site. A folder containing the details of safety procedures and the use of all equipment and chemicals is placed at each site. Charts displaying correct chemical usage, lifting techniques and general safety requirements can be found in 'The Employee Handbook' – This is found in assignment instructions, the cleaners logbook is used for the client and cleaning operative to provide feedback to each other.