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Green Cleaning and Why Your Business Should Care

With how busy our lives are, it’s easy to overlook how our world is contaminated every day by artificial substances and chemicals. Still, as concerns of global warming and environmental health risks steadily rise, a new era of sustainability has been created. 

Consumers everywhere have been more and more motivated to lessen their carbon footprint and have become increasingly aware of their shopping habits. They have begun choosing companies that care about sustainability and environmental issues.

As a result, companies around the world have started to engage with corporate social responsibility to meet the sustainability expectations of consumers and do their part in conserving the environment. Efforts include using environmentally-friendly materials, issuing environmental declarations, and promoting resource and energy conservation. This includes eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning at their offices as well.

Green cleaning is an alternative to traditional cleaning methods that use harsh chemicals and pollutants, and, instead, use products and methods that are more environmentally friendly. Green cleaning has many benefits, like reducing exposure to harmful chemicals, improving indoor air quality, and improving health and well-being overall.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

Aside from being socially responsible, investing in green cleaning can have other benefits for businesses. While some may not see any differences between green cleaning and traditional cleaning methods, there are more benefits to green cleaning. 

Here we’ve gathered some of the benefits of green cleaning:

Financial Savings

In the past, green cleaning products and equipment cost more than the usual products and equipment, but today things are a little different. With more demand for eco-friendly products, those products have become more common and less costly.

These green cleaning products no longer cost more than conventional ones. Some organic products are even less expensive than standard products. 

Also, when it comes to recycling materials rather than throwing them in the trash, you may find that proper waste management costs can drop. Finding a waste contractor near you will collect your recycling from your office or one of their recycling drop-off points and deliver it to a recycling facility. By recycling instead of paying for collections to a landfill, you’ll avoid paying for landfill tax rates or waste disposal gate fees. 

Improve Air Quality and Health of the Office

Poor indoor air conditions can have long-term effects on employees of a business or organisation, like headaches, dizziness, nausea, and respiratory issues. Green cleaning allows you to improve the indoor air quality of the office or establishment by reducing the amount of dust, pollen, other allergens, harsh chemicals, and pollutants in the air. 

Reducing exposure to harmful chemicals means you can create a safer place for your employees and the environment. Traditional cleaning products contain many different kinds of toxic chemicals, like bleach, ammonia, and other volatile organic compounds, that may cause several health problems. Green cleaning products are typically made with natural ingredients and are biodegradable, free of those harmful chemicals and pollutants that standard cleaning products have. 

By keeping a healthy work environment, you’ll notice a more productive workplace and see fewer employees calling out sick. Exposure to harmful chemicals can trigger asthma, create skin irritations, or even potentially pose a risk to someone developing long-term illnesses.

With fewer employees taking time off due to illnesses, the productivity of your business increases, and you lessen the stress on other employees when others are not in the office. Caring about your employees and fellow workers means they will want to stay with a company that strives to take care of their well-being. Considering your employees are an integral part of your business, prioritising their health and safety will only drive your business forward.

Environmentally Friendly 

Green cleaning products are usually made with natural, biodegradable ingredients, making them more environmentally friendly. Traditional cleaning products can emit harmful by-products into the atmosphere that cause greenhouse gases and leaching into the waterways.

From their packaging to the product itself, green sustainable products minimise their impact every step of their life-span. Of course, it is not to be said that green products will fix the environment completely or have zero impact on the environment, but they do lessen their impact in comparison to other similar products.

Lessen Floor and Furniture Deterioration

Using harsh and toxic chemicals on your office’s floor and furniture over a long period of time can increase and expedite their deterioration, which can be costly in the long run. By using organic products, you’ll be protecting your business’ property and avoid having to repair or replace it more frequently. 

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services

There are a few ways you can start your journey to a clean green office environment, and the first stop is finding an environmentally friendly cleaning service. London Corporate Cleaning Services strives to reduce the use of harmful chemicals in our ecosystem and substitute products with less hazardous alternatives to help the environment and those in the workplace.

Contact us today or get a free quote for us to help you and your business take steps towards a cleaner office with a commitment to eliminate pollution.

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